Chairman and Director

Vijay Zalera

Vijay Zalera | Ajanta Steel Products

Founder and Director 

Ajanta Steel Products

Rajkot, Gujarat, India (BHARAT)


“After learning to use fire, human beings had gone forward to invert various other tools for simplifying the works of daily life. We have been using different kinds of tools in several instances of our life. But in the Indian market getting your hands on the useful tools at an affordable rate is not easy and the shortage of these needed products has led to crisis. Thus, Ajanta Marketing started with the goal of playing a determining role in the reduction of this shortage of important tools in the Indian market by delivering the best quality products at an affordable price. Ajanta A name is enough for stainless steel ruler ans stationary quality product in India !! The strong foundation of company is developed by Mr. Vijay Zalera (Director) is having strong production line knowledge which makes superior quality of product range for better customer trust.

Personal Biography

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